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For Cats

Found this online today. I’m having trouble finding words to add.. seems like no words are necessary.



Too Gay for God?

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Why is it that the “church” has such a massive problem with gay people? I understand that their demoralization and contempt of homosexuals is based loosely on the Bible, Leviticus in particular.¬† I, however, have a massive problem with their views on the entire subject.

I am not gay myself, although I do have a few friends, and have met many homosexual people throughout the years, and I have asked most of them this question: Did you “choose” to be gay? Do you remember a specific moment in your life where you asked yourself¬† ‘Do I want to like boys or girls?'” Every single one of the people I’ve asked that (gay or straight, mind you) has answered with the same monosyllable – “No.”

So. Since no one remembers ever choosing to be gay or straight – how can the church, the government, the people… anyone… have a problem with a person depending on who they sleep with/fall in love with/live with/marry?

As Christians, one of the things we pride ourselves on is this: we don’t judge others. Yeah right!! That’s all we do! And you know what? It’s disgusting. I’m so hot and bothered by this subject, it pains me sometimes to even go to church. And here’s the kicker – it’s not just gays… we judge people on how much money they make/spend, what someone is wearing, how their kids behave, what they do for fun, and whether or not they put anything in the offering bucket.

That’s a post for another day so I digress…

Remember back when you were a kid in school? Remember how the teacher would say something like “Apples are to bananas as cats are to ______?” And everyone would scream out “Dogs!” Because we all understood that even though apples and bananas are different, they’re still fruit! Cats and dogs are different too – but they’re both animals/pets.¬† So – let’s try something…

“Apples are to bananas as gays are to _______?”

Comment with your answers.



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